Hair Cutting

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Hair Cut & Blow Dry

Our expert hair stylists delivers the best service according to your face and hair type giving you the trendy look with the blow dry techniques of styling which further enhances your beauty.

Hair Treatment

A great dress and perfect makeup can go down the drain if your hair is limp. While healthy locks can boost your confidence, damaged hair makes you feel dull. Who doesn't want luscious and strong hair, but if you are forced to tie a pony tail or wrap your hair in scarves to hide the split ends or hair fall, worry no more. The range of hair treatments available at Mantra VedicSpa will ensure that you don't have any more bad hair days.
Right from split ends, to hair fall, dandruff, itchy scalp and dull hair, there is hair treatment for every problem at Mantra. The most important aspect of the hair treatment offered here is that we don't follow one-shoe-fits-all philosophy, here each client is given time and attention and only after analysing and understanding the problem, an appropriate remedy is offered by experts. Try our Kesh Saundrya treatment for a beautiful and healthy mane and you'll never try anything else.
So don't let anything lower down your enthusiasm and charm, not even bad hair, come and experience the hair treatment services at Mantra Vedic Spa and become a whole new confident you.

Hair Extension

Were you always enticed by that silky straight long mane, but never had the courage or the patience to grow them? Have you ever wondered how the glitterati, Paris Hilton, Jennifer Aniston and the likes sport short hair does one day and the very next day you see them in long locks, Mantra VedicSpa has an answer for this, hair extension. It's not just the celebrities that can take advantage of hair extensions as now everyone can enjoy the benefits of the technique in the heart of the city. Get those seductive lengths with our hair extension services and add volume, length to flaunt that to-die-for hair do.

What are Hair Extensions?
Hair extensions are either synthetic or real hair that is attached close to the scalp by using various methods including weaving, gluing, sewing or clipping. The gentlest and easiest type of hair extensions is those in which you clip the extensions into your own hair. What's more, they also make for an excellent way to add highlights to your real mane without chemically treating them.

How long does Hair Extensions stay?
No, you can style the hair extensions the way you would style your.