Hand & Fit Care

Hand & Fit Care Details

Sit back and indulge in a sole pampering pedicure, or a relaxing manicure. If you’re on the go a maintenance treat is perfect or take the time to really enjoy all an hour treat will give you. Add Gel polish and you can put your ski/snowboard or tramping boots back on and you’re ready to go. Begin your heavenly delight with an aromatic foot soak, then a tropical foot and leg exfoliation treatment, followed by treating the cuticles and cutting and filing the nails and a gentle rasping of the dry skin on the soles. Then lie back and enjoy the foot and leg massage, finish with polish.

Gel nail Polish, the manicure or pedicure that last up to 14 days with no chipping, scratching or dulling. A great glossy high shine. No need for back filling. Professionally removed in 15mins

French Polish 20 mins
Gel Polish (incl nail tidy) 15 mins
Gel Polish (soak off only) 15 mins
Gel Soak Off and Repaint 30 mins
Add to Manicure or Pedicure 15 mins