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Forever Young: Hair and Makeup Tips to Look Younger

We know you don't mind hard work when you exercise, but sometimes you crave a quick fix. These age-defying tips are the beauty equivalent of the high-intensity portion of your routine, with results you can see instantly. Prepare for smooth, glowing skin and full, shiny hair -- stat.

Put Down the Wine

Lipstick, that is. Deep Bordeaux shades can tack years onto your face, says Rebecca Restrepo, a celebrity makeup artist. "Dark colors make lips look thinner and smaller

Glow On

Youthful skin reflects light. To fake it in the most convincing way, apply a natural finish foundation, which makes skin look fresh and healthy.

Go Girly

Shiny pink nails give your hands a healthy, youthful sheen, says Jin Soon, a manicurist in New York City. Paint it on short- to medium-length nails with rounded edges for a more natural look that can easily shave off another few years.